This is our pre-order section. Things work a little different here. Let me explain! 

Certain companies require us to purchase a certain amount of a particular item,  they decide what size, color, etc we have to purchase. When we take a  pre-order that means that we have to sell a certain amount of an item  before we can actually order it. For example, we have a top posted on the website that you want to buy. we have to sell 2 smalls, 2  mediums, and 2 larges before we can place  the order. Usually if we have 4 out of the 6 sold, we will go ahead and  order it anyway and will just have the 2 extras leftover to sell  eventually. 

What this means for you: You do NOT have to order all those extra size, we do, you order whatever size your little heart desires! You may have to wait a little longer than usual for your  item to come in but I promise it will be so worth it when it gets here!!! 

Questions?? Reach out to me! I love to chat with my customers!!! 🤗